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Clinical neuropsychologists are psychologists who have received extensive training in brain-behavior relationships. Clinical neuropsychologists have expertise in how the interrelationship between brain structures and neurological conditions influence a person’s thoughts, actions and emotions. In addition, most neuropsychologists have completed a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in applied neuropsychology.

Testing involves a comprehensive review of all of your intake forms and available medical records, a clinical interview, completion of questionnaires and self-report instruments, and 6-8 hours of objective testing. Testing is customized to each individual but often encompasses major areas of cognition and behavior such as intellectual ability, visual and auditory memory, attention, language skills, perceptual abilities, executive functioning, academic skills, motor function, and personality.
Duration of testing depends on the needs and well-being of the individual client, and can vary from multiple 2-hour meetings to full-day sessions interspersed with numerous breaks.
Because Summit Neuropsychology is a small private practice, most assessment reports are completed several weeks after the completion of testing. Feedback sessions are scheduled at the client’s earliest convenience after the completion of the report.

Dr. Nichols provides a free 15-30 minute phone consultation so that you can share your personal circumstances and determine whether neuropsychological assessment and/or treatment would be beneficial for you.

Please contact Dr. Nichols today to schedule a consultation.

Dr. Nichols maintains an office in the Newpark business complex near Kimball Junction in Park City, Utah. View Our Location.

In addition, Dr. Nichols maintains an active license in New York. Should you or your child require comprehensive neuropsychological assessment in the New York City area (often not available without a long wait) arrangements can be made for Dr. Nichols to complete an assessment.

This depends upon your insurance provider’s reimbursement rates and policies for out-of-network providers. Dr. Nichols is not a provider on any insurance panels. As a courtesy, at the completion of an examination Summit Neuropsychology can provide you with a detailed invoice outlining insurance codes, tests administered, and any other services rendered; however it is your responsibility to check with your insurance provider in advance regarding any potential reimbursement. Dr. Nichols/Summit Neuropsychology does not work directly with insurance providers in any capacity.

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Dr. Nichols is available for consultation with a wide variety of caregivers including physicians, attorneys, educational consultants, therapists, school districts & residential treatment centers, vocational counselors, and concerned parents. Summit Neuropsychology is committed to the recovery and well-being of its clients, and actively values the opportunity to contribute to all aspects of comprehensive client care.